How to ask for help:
You can write directly your request to the specific persons -or- look at the given web address for help. Ask only if you have a detailed question to the offering the volunteer has available. Requests like "Searching Mayer somewhere in Baden" or "My grandfather came from Württemberg. Can you tell me from which town?" are not the kind of questions you should ask them. Be aware that all these people get lots of requests and filter out such unspecific requests. Be sure to do some elementary research in front of asking the persons here for further help. A good preparation is more efficient than a simple shoot in the dark. Find out with other resources the name, town and time frame you expect your ancestor living in one of the given areas here. With such information the volunteer can check for you if your ancestors name is really listed in the material they have. Thanks for understanding!

How to become a volunteer:
If you have any literature concerning a town or area of Baden-Württemberg and you are not afraid to help others, please mail to with the subject "BA-WUE Volunteer" and how I should include your offering in this list (by email contact or by webpage). Thanks!

Offering help in...


All families from Nattheim and Oggenhausen, Area Heidenheim

Catholic Parish Records of Sandweier (today part of Baden-Baden), 1679-1785.
Please first check

Kurt Kastner

Lutheran church records of Untertürkheim and Wangen, now part of Stuttgart. Needs first name, surname, and birth or death dates at a minimum.

Wilferdingen, Singen and Nottingen areas. The original families of Wilferdingen Anyone interested in lookups, I will do....but you must have birthdate and parents since the names repeat so often. I have over 200 Zachmanns alone.

Will do a lookup on the "Ortsippenbuch" of Schweigern, now part of Boxberg, area Tauberbischofsheim

Will do a lookup on the parish registers of Massenbach, now part of Schwaigern, area Heilbronn

Ortssippenbuch of Ehningen, Kreis Böblingen.
Requests should include the subject "Ehningen Lookup."
Require at least first name, surname, AND birth or death dates.

I have considerable literature and genealogical information from the villages of Ispringen,
Dietlingen, Brötzingen, Gräfenhausen, Obernhausen, Arnbach, Ober- & Unterniebelsbach, Büchenbronn
and Hochberg bei Waiblingen as well as the city of Pforzheim.

I would be glad to do a look-up in the village book of Kappel am Rhein,
now offical Kappel-Grafenhausen, county Ortenaukreis (OG)
please check for more information

Chris Hertel

I have both the Münster/Unterrot and the Gaildorf (Wue) Family books and will gladly do lookups for people.

Ortssippenbücher of
Albert, Schachen (Community of Albbruck), Laufenburg, Rhina (Community of Laufenburg, Baden), Niederhof (Community of Murg), Harpolingen, Rippolingen (Community of Bad Säckingen), Luttingen, Grunholz, Hauenstein, Stadenhausen (Community of Laufenburg,
Baden), Murg (Community of Murg), Hänner, Oberhof (Community of Murg), Rickenbach,
Book: Heinrich Raab "Revolutionaries in Baden, 1848/1849" (contains names and some
biographical data of participants in this revolution)
Baden-Württemberg emigration index (Landesarchivdirektion Baden-Württemberg)
Catholic Parish Records of Gündlingen, Baden 1659-1803
All of the county Waldshut (WT)

I have paper and computer records of approximately 26,464 inhabitants of Fellbach, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany all taken from the Lutheran church records
I have copies of the four volume OSB for Nagold; one for Waldorf, one for Oberschwandorf and one for Oberjettingen and will look up data for people if you want to use me as a lookup.

(Collection by Frank Mailänder & Mike Pantel)

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