What's New

15.2.2004 Hiding EMail addresses with small Javascripts to make live harder for spam robots
Updating volunteers page
29.7.2003 Adding project logos on main page and changing email address
6.4.2003 Fixing Links and EMail addresses of volunteers
23.2.2003 Links to the BW Query Board (Forum) fixed
26.Mai 2002 Fixing some links in the pages.
16.Oktober 2000 New navigation bar at the bottom of each main frame.

2. April 2000

Samples of Emigration documents [History]

25. März 2000

Old maps from Baden-Württemberg and Germany [History]

04. März 2000

Access to the "Surname Queries Database" re-activated [Family Pages].
New links added [More Sources].

22. Februar 2000

A complete new design goes online.
Old contents has been sorted in the new section structure, new contents in some sections has been added.


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