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Make sure your query concerns Hohenzollern, Baden or Württemberg. Use the "Surname" Box to make a reference to the names you're searching for. If your posted message is likely off-topic I will delete it from the forum. If you don't know the country or the location where your ancestors came from, please post it on German GenWeb page or try Rootsweb Database Index for a "world search".

Please check the Rootsweb help on how to type the German special characters (Umlaute).

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Users can activate the automatic response notification of their query. If a response to the message is posted to the board - they will receive email telling them that someone has posted a response to their query. Users can check the box before they post their query to receive this option.

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The notification list will send an EMail whenever ANYONE posts to the web board -- IT IS DIFFERENT than the response notification check box. Users can subscribe to this list by clicking on the link. They can always unsubscribe when they are logged in by choosing "My notifications" on the top menu bar.
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